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Two years after releasing the hit single 'I Wanna Know', which astronaut Thomas Pesquet broadcast on board the ISS, the surf rock band Ponta Preta is back with 'Liquor Liquor', an uninhibited and particularly enjoyable track, somewhere between The Black Keys and The Murlocs.

A foretaste of their new LP which will be released next September 22nd, still on Le Surf Records. With this second album, Ponta Preta achieves one of the best known syntheses of Californian and Australian psychedelic pop.


Scusi Frate

I Wanna Know

You & I

Bored With You

Dance Motherf***er

I' Don't Know Why (Live)


Le Surf Records - 2019

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Le Surf Records - 2021

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Oscillating between Californian pop and surf rock, Ponta Preta are worthy representatives of the surf revival providing beachy, sunny vibes when we need them most.

Richly textured and harmonized, the songs evoke surf and ocean as much as Sergio Leone's film landscapes. Tit's Up is both the perfect soundtrack for an afternoon nap or an hour's drive in the Tabernas Desert.

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